Sunday, September 16, 2007

Carter To Oilers (E5)

Ok so I'm not eklund, so i won't pretend to be, but Anson Carter will be attending the Oilers' training camp, and since the Oilers are a little lower on talent than usual, I'd be shocked if he didn't make this team.

The Ducks are already missing Scotty, as Schneider is already out of the lineup with an ankle injury. I talked to many Red Wings fans who were happy to see him go, and you have to wonder if Burke may have slipped up by picking up the aging defenseman.

One training camp invite that has been missed by most is David Tanabe in St. Louis. Tanabe reminds me of Jeff Jillson. A couple good seasons, and now you never hear about him.

Finally, for those who missed it, the Ducks beat the Kings last night 3-2.

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