Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feedback Required

I talked to a few people about this yesterday, and we are confident this will work and be a lot of fun to run and play in. I'd love to hear feedback, and ideas. I want to launch this in the next two weeks. Please ask questions if you are unclear on how this will work.

Hockeyleaks 08-09 Fantasy Team League

Number of allowed teams: 30
Cost to enter: $12
Prize Pool: 1st - $150 2nd - $75 3rd – 40 4th – 25 5 - $10

When 30 teams have entered and paid the entry cost, a draft will begin. All 30 teams will be randomly selected to determine a draft order. Entrants will then pick one NHL team, in the order in which is determined randomly. No team can be selected twice.
On July 15th, rosters will be set. You will take control of your team and all of it’s prospects. For example, if you select Detroit, you get all of Detroits players and prospects. It is your responsibility to pick 9 starting forwards, four starting defenseman and two goalies. These will be the ones which accumulate points. Point structure will be set sometime between the draft and July 15th.

Pool will be run through a message board, while points and standings will be kept on All transactions will be made via the message board. You may trade players with the other 29 players. All trades and transactions must be approved by an administrator, and will be done within 24 hours. You may at any time switch one of your active players for one of your bench players. All switches must be approved by an administrator, and will be done within 24 hours.

After July 15th, all players who are not signed will be on waivers. To submit a waiver claim, you must file it on the correct forum. The starting waiver order will be the opposite of the draft order. For example, whoever has the 30th team, will have the first spot in the waiver order. When a team makes a waiver claim, they move the 30th waiver spot, and the person in the 2nd spot will move up to the 1st spot. Waiver claims take 48 hours to go through. A person making a waiver claim must drop one of their top 12 forwards / or one of their top 6 defenseman / or one of their top 2 goalies.

I'd really like you to reply to this email or email me at with your feedback on this idea, as well as any feedback you have for the website as we head into draft/UFA season.