Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Is a Gimmick Really Necessay?

I know I blogged like an hour ago, probably not even, but I need to get this out. I just watched (for the second time in two days) a segment involving Eklund's dog. Never have I been more ashamed to be a hockey blogger.

Maggie the monkey was fun. I mean who doesn't love watching a cute little monkey from the bowmanville zoo (not too far from my childhood hometown of Newcastle) spin a wheel.

But a dog picking a coloured ball? Yesterday, Bert the dog picked the St. Louis blues to win the draft lottery. We all knew Tampa was winning the draft lottery, how could the league pass up a chance to put another ownership-issued on another southern team? (PS Tomorrow I blog about how the draft lottery needs to be changed).

Today, Bert predicted the playoff winners. I didnt watch the whole thing, but I believe Bert picked San Jose, Nashville, NJ and Anaheim...who knows, who cares who else the dog picked.

TSN is a national network. They have millions of viewers, and some of the best hockey reporters on the planet. They can take a chance by putting a monkey on their program. Eklund is a hockey blogger, and most people don't even care about his opinion. People don't go to Eklund to see who's going to win games, series, or championships. They go to see who will be traded. His opinion isn't important, so why should we care about his dog? How smart can the dog be, half of the time he rolled both balls back. Sorry pooch, both teams can't win.

I have two dogs. I'm going to get a bunch of dog biscuits, marker some names on them, and whatever one my dog eats, will win the thanks. I think half of the problem with Eklund's segments is his really is annoying.

On to some website news:

first, I am proud to announce that the third annual PPFL has been won by someone other than Bob Adamski (Who won the two previous editions). I finally took home the top prize, with Blueleafs coming in at a close second. I will give Blueleafs the trade of the year award, however, as he switched Crosby for Malkin the day Crosby went down. This almost helped Blueleafs win the 2007-2008 title. 2008-2009 PPFL info will come out sometime in July this year.

Still no software to update the website, but I'm working on it. All info will continue to be in the blog until I can get things sorted out. This new laptop runs great, however, and should make updating this place even easier.

third, I really want to upgrade hockeyleaks and make it great for this summers free agency. Please email me at and give me all the feedback you possibly can. I want to know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see from us going forward into the off-season and through next season.

Have a great Wednesday, and check back tomorrow for what I think needs to be done in regards to the draft lottery/order.