Thursday, August 14, 2008

Latest On McCabe

As was FIRST to report, Mike Van Ryn is indeed part of the Toronto/Florida trade. Sportsnet has now confirmed this, 18 hours after reported it.

There is more to this deal than just a McCabe for Van Ryn trade. Names I'm hearing today include Ponikarovsky and Peltonen. Other Bloggers are insisting that Bouwmeester is part of this deal, but I cannot stress enough that this is untrue. Under no circumstances will Bouwmeister be on his way to Toronto as part of this Bryan McCabe deal. The Leafs do have serious interest in Weiss and Horton, but as of this point niether is in the deal worked out by the two sides. The deal will be announced around September 1st, and could still change slightly between now and then. With that said, McCabe and Van Ryn seem to be the two concrete names in this deal.

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