Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Rest of the RFAs

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Patrick O'Sullivan - Likely the best RFA available, teams are interested in him. With that said, nobody is making him an offer because LA has the cap room to match whatever you throw at him. O'Sullivan is not eager to sign with LA, and thus each day this drags on, the chances of O'Sullivan being dealt, and I'm hearing it will be to the East, increase.

Jarret Stoll - Stoll was not happy with the trade out of Edmonton, but is expected to eventually sign with the Kings. That said, it won't be a longer deal, likely around two years. I don't expect the Kings to trade this guy, nor do I expect anyone to offer sheet him.

Andrej Meszaros - Arbitration is not far away, but the Sens are hoping to avoid it. The Sens need to lock this guy up, as their defense is way too weak for their liking. With that said, if they can deal him, they may. Meszaron, along with Vermette, have been the subject of trade rumours all summer long, and I expect one of them will be moved by the start of the season. Vermette is signed, making Meszaros the likely one on his way out.

All three of these players are very important to their teams, and if dealt, the return should be comparable.

As for the Leafs naming a permanent GM (as per Eklund), I still don't see it. I've heard nothing of that sorts, and I'd be surprised if such a thing happened.

Devils really going hard for Shanny, who really wants to return to the Rangers, but is stuck in limbo as the Rangers wait for Mats. Is anyone else getting really tired / losing a lot of respect for Mats? This game is getting old.

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