Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sundin Can't Win...

Today while talking to Hockeyleaks.com team member Yick I started to feel for Mats Sundin. He is a class act guy, who has done nothing but great things for the NHL. He is the reason many young Swedish players have such a passion for the game, and if it wasn't for him, Toronto would have rebelled against their team years ago. Mats has been nothing but great for the NHL, and now he finds himself in a situation in which he cannot win.

If he signs with Vancouver, he's in it for the money.

If he signs with Montreal, he's a traitor

If he signs with Toronto, he has no passion to win the cup.

If he retires, he simply quit too soon.

For me, it's too bad the Detroit Red Wings didn't have interest in this guy. Detroit is in the West, so he wouldn't be called a traitor. Detroit wouldn't pay him more than Lidstrom, so it wouldn't be about the money. Detroit is defending their cup, showing Sundin wants to win. Finally, the team is basically team Sweden, another great reason for Sundin to end up in Hockeytown U.S.A.

For Sundin, I think the only safe bet for him at this point is to return to Toronto, or retire. Returing to Toronto shows loyalty, and yes it would basically stamp his career with no stanley cups, it's better than winning no stanley cups in Vancouver, while selling out for the money, because lets face it, the Canucks are not contenders with or without Sundin, and the only reason to sign there would be for the money.

With that said, I'm hearing the Rangers, Avalanche and Senators are all still hoping to land Sundin, with the Rangers and Avs much more likely than Ottawa. Sundin shouldn't retire, as this is not how his career should end. A return to Toronto is his best option, but Montreal, NYR or Colorado wouldn't be terrible choices.

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