Wednesday, October 01, 2008

PPFL Promotion! + Rumours

One last chance to get all your stragglers to join the PPFL. Ten Players (six forwards, four defenseman), winner take all (minus the second prize place of coarse!).

Today and tomorrow only! $10 gets you four teams. Paypal to

If you already have teams, you can still buy more, four teams for $10, two days only. Please email me your teams at If you do not have paypal, email me and I will send you where to send cheque/cash/money order. As long as you email me saying you will be sending payment, you will qualify for the four team promotion.


As far as rumours go:

I have learned it was Ian White and Robbie Earl that the Leafs offered to Anaheim along with a draft pick for Schneider and Ryan.

Also, the Bruins would love to trade Savard for a top line defenseman. Savard has a NTC, and I don't see this working out. For more on both these, check and it's rumour mill.


Also, still accepting link exchange requests. If you have a hockey site / blog that you want advertised on, please email me at

Enjoy your wednesday