Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burke Watch

While the original thought was that Burke would take his time signing with Toronto, I am hearing more and more that he will be the Leafs GM by the end of next week.

Already there are a ton of rumours about what Burke would do, and according to sources, he'd do plenty. Bringing in an enforecer, getting rid of a couple of smaller-sized players like Steen, Blake and Tlusty, and securing a few more draft picks are apparently things Burke has his eye on in Toronto. Is there a chance Burke won't end up in Toronto? Yes, but at this point it's small.

The Blackhawks and Caps are talking about a deal that would send Barker to the Caps in exchange for Nylander. There is more than those two players involved. Nylander is apparently not pleased with his current role on the Caps. On a related note, is there a better player in the league right now than Semin?

Ottawa is looking for some blueline help, and they are really trying to pry Ohlund out of Vancouver. The Canucks are still hopeful they can get him resigned, but if they finally give up, the Sens will be first in line. The Canucks and Sens have been trying to make a deal with each other since last deadline.

On the Sundin watch, I've been told Toronto and Vancouver are the two teams to watch. Sundin has been surprised by both teams play thus far, and feels he could help both teams easily make the playoffs.

The first team to trade for a goalie may be Dallas. They'd really like someone to put the pressure on Turco, who has been awful thus far.

A coaching change isn't all the change that will happen in Tampa. I've been told to watch for another big hammer to drop if things don't improve in a hurry. That hammer could be St. Louis.

Tonight is a great night for sports, I suggest sitting in front of a tv all night! I myself am off to Boston Pizza to catch the leafs game, followed by a great UFC card.

Stay tuned to for the latest, including some great content from Versus next week. If all goes to plan, I will be speaking with former 22nd overall draft pick, and current Versus broadcaster, Brian Engblom next Thursday. They've also given us a great interview with Jonathan Toews that I will post on this site in the next few days.