Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grey Cup?

Today, the Grey Cup will be played in Canada? Does anyone watch the CFL anymore? Sadly, i'm more interested in the Titans-Jets game today, where my beloved, unbeaten Titans are currently down 10-3 to Brett Favres Jets....

In the hockey world, there is INCREASED speculation that Burke, Nonis and Sundin could all be Leafs this week. I have been told that Nonis comes with Burke right away, no matter where he goes. While originally I was told Burke would be a Leaf by tomorrow, it may be delayed till later in the week. Either way, this will get done.

As for Sundin, he has spent much of the last week talking to other teams. He met with Gainey first, Melnyk next. I am told he has also had several phone conversations with Gillis as well. It looks as though Sundin will play for a Canadien team, but which one? I believe it will be Toronto, but only time will tell. If Burke becomes the GM of the Leafs, I just don't see Sundin going anywhere else. Burke will want to win now, and Sundin is the best player available.

What about Shanahan? The Devils and Flyers are the two teams to watch, however, I've been told a third team has entered the mix. That team you ask? Carolina.

The Bruins now sit a-top the Eastern Conference. How long can they keep this up?

Vancouver could be in a world of trouble if Luongo is out for any length of time. First Brodeur, now Luongo. Nabokov, who is the third best goalie in the NHL, appears to be next.

Khabibulin is doing anything but hurt his value. It's only a matter of time before someone wakes up and realises this guy could be their missing piece. My vote goes to Ottawa, but I'm hearing Khabibulin won't be moved until Sundin signs somewhere. Three teams interested in Sundin, like Khabibulin: Ottawa, Tampa Bay, and Philly.

What's up with Gaborik? He may be one of the best wingers in the game, yet we're not hearing anything on his injury status...He's killing me in my hockey pool.

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