Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

The Brian Burke saga is almost over. Talking to sources yesterday, the Burke deal will be announced on Saturday. Six years, including the balance of this one, and Burke will make about $3 million a season. The deal will be announced in Toronto Saturday afternoon, and will be featured for primetime on Hockey Night in Canada. Many speculated that Burke's first move would be waiving Jason Blake, but a concussion on Blake's end may delay that process.

The Panthers are amping up trade efforts on the Bouwmeister front. Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Vancouver and Washington are all teams I've heard that have interest. He will be dealt by the deadline, that is for sure.

As for Kovalchuk, would a Gaborik for Kovalchuk trade really be so wacky? yes, it would, ignore those rumours.

What about Claude Lemieux! I hope he makes it back into the NHL, what a story that would be.