Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

I've heard so many christmas lists done by journalists over the last week, from TSN to Sportsnets, from AM 640 XM Home Ice, everyone is doing it. I decided hey, why don't I try my own list, so here it goes. Here is what I think each team needs for Christmas.

Anaheim: Cap Space. Anaheim is likely more up-against the cap than any other NHL team. Yes, the Ducks would love to make a trade to bolster their team, but considering most of their salary goes to young players the Ducks don't want to move, the cap situation isn't likely to get any better.

Atlanta: Someone for Kovalchuk to play with. This guy is one of the best pure goal scorers in the league, but he's also Atlanta's only top player. Remember when Atlanta made the playoffs? It's not going to happen again until Atlanta brings in a guy who can compliment Ilya.

Boston: Patrice Bergeron. This guy has been great when in the lineup for Boston, but he looks to be out long-term once again due to a concussion. Get this guy a better helmet.

Buffalo: Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, Brian Campbell. Boy does Buffalo miss these three.

Calgary: A more consistant Kiprusoff. Ya, he leads the league in wins, but his numbers are awful.

Carolina: More team doctors. This team has dealt with injury after injury this season. Justin williams is back, and should help them get back into a playoff spot.

Chicago: Someone to take one of their goalies. Huet and Khabibulin are both playing great, but one has to be moved. The Hawks have talked about bringing in a top centre, like Spezza or Nylander, but can't do a thing until they can move one of their two over-priced goalies.

Colorado: No, I'm not going to be the millionth person to make a Joe Sakic, snowblower joke. Instead, I'm going to say this team needs Patrick Roy, because he's the only goalie that can save this team's season at this point.

Columbus: Steel Shoulder Pads. Brassard and Torres are both toast because of shoulder injuries. Better luck next year Columbus.

Dallas: Sean Avery. Just kidding...

Detroit: The cap to go up next year. No team, except maybe Montreal, will have a tougher off-season next year.

Edmonton: One goalie to step up. We've seen goalie after goalie get hot in Edmonton, only for them to burn up and die games later.

Florida: Roberto Luongo. Worst...Trade...Ever.

LA: Roberto Luongo. or any real goalie for that matter.

Minnesota: Gaborik. Ya, they have him, but he's played what, three games?

Montreal: See Detroit.

Nashville: To Move To Hamilton.

NJ: Martin Brodeur. Ya, "the replacements" have been good, but it's only a matter of time before things get rough in New Jersey.

NYI: Someone to take Rick Diepetro. 15 years? What were they thinking.

NYR: Mats Sundin. Missed him by that much....

Ottawa: A bomb. They need to blow things up and start all over.

Philly: To take more penalties. I'm serious. Carter, Richards and Gagne each have four short-handed goals.

Phoenix: Some defense. They really miss Ballard.

Pittsburgh: Ryan Whitney, who they get back tonight.

San Jose: Nothing. I honestly believe this team has everything they need.

St. Louis: To trade with Toronto more. Steen and Colaiacovo have been two of their best players since the trade. Also, less golf-cart accidents would be helpful.

Tampa Bay: Who knows, that organization is a mess. So I guess, new owners?

Toronto: To go back in time. Kaberle for Carter and a 1st? You force that to happen, any way possible. Same goes for Sundin to Montreal for Higgins, Grabovski and a 1st.

Vancouver: Mats Sundin. Ya, I know they got him, but did they get mid-season form Sundin, or the Sundin who didn't score in the Leafs final 18 games a few seasons ago?

Washington: Goaltending...aka someone to take Theodore off their hands.

Check Hockeyleaks.com and the Rumour Mill for all the latest. Happy Holidays everyone.