Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saturday, Feb. 21

That is the day Mats Sundin returns to Toronto. What a night that should be...if you can get tickets for this game, will be a night to remember.

A lot of speculation floating around right now. One rumour says Mats was a Ranger until about two hours ago, when a trade they were working on with a Western team (I've heard Dallas and Columbus) fell through. They notified Mats that they would not be able to move the salary required until after the trade-freeze, and Mats told them thanks, but I'll go to Vancouver.

Vancouver now has something they've really been lacking...a leader. I'm already hearing that Luongo may give Mats the C, as it's better represented on Sundin than on Luongo, who just don't have enough push on the ice as the goaltender.

All along I've felt Vancouver was the best fit for Mats. They lack #1 centre, but have a great support staff, a solid defense, and the best goalie in the league (if healthy). Mats makes the Canucks a complete team.

In New York, Mats simply would have been one of the guys, with big names like Gomez and Drury already leading the way. In Vancouver, Mats is the guy, just like he's used to being.

A lot of pressure, but I'm one hockey journalist who believes Mats will live up to every second of it. Good luck in Vancouver Mats...even as a Leaf fan that feels betrayed by your lack of waiving-of-trade-clauses, I'm still rooting for you