Friday, July 17, 2009

The Truth On Tanguay

Has Alex Tanguay signed with Florida as has been reported as an E5? no.

Tanguay to Florida is about 80%, but it's not done. Could it get done as early as today? yes, but as of 12:02 pm today nothing has been signed.

Teams are still in this, including Buffalo and Phoenix, and until something is signed and announced publically, these teams are still very much in it.

I'm hearing the LA Kings are closing in on signing Biron..

Kaberle has left than a month remaining on his no-trade window, which means talks should start heating up. Buffalo, Boston and St. Louis, as well as Vancouver, are the three teams you're hearing the most. I will tell you that Washington and Florida are also very much involved in these Kaberle talks. I still believe it's about 90% that Kaberle will be dealt by August 15th.

Todd Bertuzzi remains at large, and yes the Bert to Toronto rumours do have some substance. With that said, Minnesota and Montreal are two more teams I'm hearing. Montreal could really use his size.

One of the best moves of the offseason goes to Calgary, who snapped Nigel Dawes off waivers from Phoenix yesterday. This kid has serious potential and I'm shocked so many teams passed over him during the waiver process.

The fact that Phil Kessel has not signed with boston yet is another sign that he's likely done as a Bruin. The B's are shopping him heavily but need to bring their asking price down before they can move him. That could happen next week.

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