Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Injuries cause trade winds to pick up

Boston was already without Lucic, Boston had already traded Kessel, Boston was already dealing with Tim Thomas playing like a backup goalie, and now they'll have to play without their best player, Marc Savard, for 4-6 weeks. I don't expect the bruins to rush out and make another deal (they've made two in the last few days), but if things continue to go wrong for them, they will seek out some help down the middle. I read a twitter post by an "insider" who assured twitter readers that Nylander was being looked at by Boston. No way does that happen, as a) Nylander won't help and b) his salary is way too high for the Bruins to possibly even consider.

Gonchar's injury (which will keep him out for 4-6 weeks) could be huge in Pittsburgh, as remember, the Pens with in 10th place when Gonchar returned from injury last season. From what I've been told, the team will not make any trades in the short-term, and will assess how things go over the next 8-10 games.

The Ducks have re-called Justin Pogge, which means a Giguere trade COULD be coming. Toronto has been a rumoured destination for the last six months, but it would be very tricky for the team to fit him under the cap. With that said, sending Toskala to the AHL combined with Mike Van Ryn being out for the season and it's not so far fetched. The question of coarse is, what would the Ducks want for Giguere? I'm thinking not too much, as they'd love to get out from under his $6 million cap hit, which he's on the books for until after 10/11.

The Kings are shopping Frolov, as it's become clear that a change of scenery could beneficial for the young winger. Team's with early interest include Vancouver and Atlanta.

Speaking of Frolov, he's one of several players the Wings are "rumoured" to be going after. Sources tell that Ken Holland is being patient and has no intention of going out and finding a quick fix. With that said, if the team starts to struggle changes could happen.

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