Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Site Launched!

Well the latest version of has launched, and while it may look the same sort of (new colours, links, features), it is much more user friendly and social-network inviting. Now right from you can access our twitter, the latest columns, news and rumours! Our columns have been very successful, with at least one new one being posted every day. Rumours are rolling in as well, so make sure to bookmark and make it your one stop shop for Hockey.

Today's rumours include a pair of leafs on the trading block, a possible deal that would send Kovalchuk to Washington, and the very latest on the New Jersey Devils.

Two new columns up today, here is one from Edgar Arce! Make sure to check for all the latest from the hockey world.

- Corey


The comeback
Edgar Arce
The rare 4 on 3

There is nothing in sports like a big comeback. How many times have you been watching a game and your home team fall behind, until there’s that point of no return? It’s that point where you say to yourself, “it’s over, they’re not going to win.” Ah, yes, that ugly taste of reality sets in, and then you even start picking apart your team. “If we only got rid of so and so, and picked up what’s his name at the deadline we would be winning right now.” I’ve been there many times; it’s the unenviable task of being a fan. If you are at home watching on television, you start channel surfing, when just a moment a go you’d yell at someone for merely walking in front of the television, ordering them to get out of the way. As soon as your team gets to that ugly point though, you now show your protest by declaring to anyone in the room, “go ahead and change it, it’s over.”

If you are sitting at the event live, you’re a bit more attached to what is happening because you paid good money to see the game. So walking out is not the first thing that happens. Usually, one starts looking around noticing other things that didn’t matter to you before like advertisements, or reading the game guide that is handed to you at the door. As the home team falls further behind, you start getting up and walking around, thinking in some odd ball sort of way, this action will change the tide of the game. It is as if, the less attention one pays to the game, the players are then able to concentrate more, and elevate their game. If it gets really bad though, then you make up your mind and pick a certain time on the clock to leave. Sometimes, it’s the 10 minute mark, other times it could be the 5 minute mark. It always depends on how badly the team is losing. Once you’ve picked the time and it arrives, you start the walk. While walking people will air their grievances, proclaiming “I can’t sit there and watch this any longer,” or “I’m not going to give this team my money unless they turn things around,” or sometimes it’s simply, “it’s not going to happen tonight.” All the while, as you start surfing the channels, or making your way to the car, there’s this little something in the back of a person’s brain called hope. As much as you’ve convinced yourself of the fact that the home team is not going to win, there is this belief, that one’s actions are somehow influencing the state of the universe.

And then it happens.

The familiar sound of a goal being scored, or the sound of fireworks shot, only when the home team scores, or the roar of the crowd cheering. You know what you’ve just heard, and know what it signifies, but still can’t believe it. This is when the phrase “they scored” enters your thought process and as you digest it for a moment, you try to reason with what just happened. You say to yourself, “It’s only one; they need one more if they want to go to overtime.” Now you begin to walk a little faster to your car to get to the radio, or grab the remote from person watching The Simpsons, and say out loud “why couldn’t they to this from the start!”

Then suddenly the team scores again! The score is tied and sent into overtime, and now the team has made it back into your good graces! And whether it’s a preseason, regular, or worse a playoff game, it’s huge. The home team scores once more to win the game, as the crowd cheers loudly, and the team falls all over each other, into a large pile of bodies. Finally at that point, you crack a smile, pump your fist into the air, or clap your hands once, as you say out loud, “I just knew they would come back!”

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