Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Minutes for Instigating - Jan. 22

Two Minutes for Instigating
CoreY Johnson
Jan. 22/2010

Road Warriors, Part Deux

I'll start by trying to help out the Dallas Stars. Last week I called out the Ottawa Senators for being terrible on the road, and boy have they really turned things around. Dallas goes into Edmonton tonight having lost their last eight on the road. Here's guessing they will end that streak, as they're playing the Oilers, whose only win in their last sixteen was against the Leafs.

Sticking with Dallas...

Sources tell me that Turco is as good as done in the lone star state. Auld isn't the answer, so look for the Stars to go out and snap up a goalie between now and the start of next season. If the Stars could grab a goalie in the meantime, likely from the East, they may be willing to move Turco before the deadline. Players they apparently have their eye on include Halak, Rask (who I'm told isn't going anywhere) and Theodore.

...and then back to Edmonton

Souray to the Kings is really picking up speed, though I really don't think he will make them that much better. I think Souray will be moved, but the Oilers may need some help from him, as moving him to a west-coast team is going to be very difficult. I am hearing the Oilers may try to package Souray with a guy like Brule or Cogliano to him an easier move.

Kovy staying put?

I've said all along that Kovalchuk would be gone from Atlanta by the deadline, and Bobby Mac at TSN is saying the same thing his blog today. However, one very good source tells me that Kovalchuk is happy in Atlanta, his family is happy in Atlanta, and with his third child on the way, he'd have no problem staying put in Atlanta. Apparently the money isn't the issue, it's the term. Atlanta isn't willing to go as long as he wants right now, but don't be surprised if the two teams come to an agreement before March 3.

More Phaneuf

If anyone out there believes that Phaneuf isn't on the market, they're an idiot. Phaneuf is being shopping and a couple of Eastern teams are watching him closely. New Jersey is one team who has really stepped up their game as far as Phaneuf is concerned, while it sounds like an unexpected team has joined the mix: Buffalo.

Carter on the block?

Jeff Carter is back on the trading block, something I would never have guessed after he exploded offensively last season. Calgary is a team that makes a lot of sense if they can move Phanuef (I've been told the Flyers dont have interest in the young d-man). Don't be surprised if the Kaberle for Carter from two seasons ago resumes.

The latest on Sykora

Sounds like Atlanta may acquire Sykora sometime in the next week, but if that falls through, don't be shocked to see the Penguins bring him back.

Running out of lives...

Ken Hitchcock may have survived being fired about eight times this season, but sources tell me he could be on his last life. Wouldn't be shocked to see John Stevens replace him.

Gainey's last chance

Finally, expect Bob Gainey to be very active as we head towards the trade deadline. His contract is up at the end of the season and unless he turns things around fast, he won't be back..

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