Saturday, January 23, 2010

Randys Rumblings - Jan. 23

The Woes of the Alberta Fans

The worst place in hockey has to be Alberta, Canada. The Oilers have so many injuries they have a party for every game that they don't have any injuries, but the problem is they have had not had any parties yet. Losing Khabby for the season is pretty much the last straw. Think about all the injuries; I mean, losing Hemsky was a killer. Of course, that is no consolation to the Edmonton Fans. When does the “start selling” mode kick in? I real feel bad for the Oilers fans, they deserve better and would of gotten better without the injuries.

There is word that Sheldon Souray is apparently asking to leave Edmonton and has waived his no trade clause to help the Oilers out. He should be able to really get a good package for the Oil with prospects and picks and maybe a good premium young player. Is he alone or could Staios, or Moreau be following with a trade? The Oilers have plenty of tools to rebuild. I can see a lot positives in Edmonton.

Life in Calgary is not good right now, but it became even more frustrating as they played the company line, which is really ugly. Sorry, but the last thing the Calgary fans wanted was to hear we are going to work through this after a 9-1 drubbing by the Sharks. Please, we're going to work with this – what the heck are the Flames fans supposed to do with that? The Flames need to figure out what system is and simply do it.

Speaking of Daryl Sutter, he has been in the East. First he was in NJ and then in Philly this week. Two very good teams, who could use Dion very much. Let the rumours begin again (like they ever stopped). You really cannot blame Sutter for going shopping; he really has no choice.

Players and media not playing nice with each other in Philly; Flayers playing much
better of late

In Philly, Mike Richards is not playing nice with the media. Or is the media not being nice. The Flyers sure are playing well lately, aren’t they? Maybe the change in coaching might be the answer. Are you listening, Calgary? The Flyers seem to have gotten their act together, simply by finding a goalie off waivers in. Leighton has to be one of the stories of the year. He has been playing great since coming to Philly from the Caines. He is a terrific young goalie playing a great story. Philly is a very good team who have had a good run if they continue to play like they have lately. I expect the Flyers to get a hired gun.

How about Alfie in Ottawa? The real true leader as Sens begin to make hay

How about the Sens being totally different with Alfie? You have to realize how important he is to the team. He is their heart and soul. The Sens are playing with a purpose, like they want to win. A great job by the Ott. It looks good on them. The key point with the Senators is that they are playing like a team. Everyone knows their role.

Poll question: Which is the better line?

In Vancouver they might very well have the best line in the NHL. The Sedin Twins lined with Burrows, getting two hat-tricks in a row. That is 6 goals in two games – more goals that the Flames have scored in a week. The line is on a roll, so today the poll question: Is this Vancouver line the best in the NHL?

Or is it the Line with Marleau, Thorton, and Heatley? Marleau is leading the League in goals. They are on fire! Heater seems to be working well, and Magic Man Thorton makes it all work. So which line is better? Do we go with SJ, or is it the line in Van?

The Sharks are playing like the best team in the League. They are hitting on all cylinders, and have a terrific coach leading them. The thing about the Sharks is that every player knows their role and they do it well. I like the way the Sharks are playing right now.

Until next week, take care.



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