Thursday, December 01, 2005

Reactions To Thornton Trade

First, Power Rankings for Dec.1st will be up tomorrow! Expect a full re-cap of tonight's games in the morning, complete with a Player Of The Night. Tonight I want to share with you two of the many emails I got with opinions about last night's trade. Enjoy, and feel free to continue sending your opinions and comments to

Overtimegoal writes : I sit here stunned. I will say the Bruins get the advantage short term, however long term San Jose wins. It is easier to find a speedy left wing and a decent young defenseman than it is to get a point (at least) a game big man who can dominate in the playoffs.

while Josh writes : To be honest I have no idea what Boston was thinking when they pulled this deal off. Brad Stuart is a decent defenceman in the NHL but under the new rules he has struggled, Marco Sturm is a good player that will probably score his share of goals and Wayne Primeau is nothing just a throw in. But the thing that I find most unbelievable is how Boston thinks they are a better team after the trade. How can a team trade their #1 center and franchise player without getting one back. San Jose defiantly got the better of this deal and Boston well they should consider firing GM Mike O’Connell and Mr. Jacobs should sell the team to someone who wants to put a winning team on the ice because by the looks of things he doesn’t want to and I am not even a Bruins fan and I am saying this imagine what those fans are saying. Just to put things in a Leafs fans perspective which I am a huge Leaf fan. The Leafs trade Mats Sundin to the Calgary Flames for Jordan Leopold, Tony Amonte and Stephene Yelle now no disrespect to those guys but that is about the same trade as what Boston did last night and you can imagine how well that would go over in Toronto.

So obviously both of these readers (and most of the opinions I got agreed with them) that Boston lost this deal. I know it's two early to start saying who won this deal, but didn't Boston look great tonight? Sturm really played well, as did Primeau and Stuart. That being said, I expect Thornton to come out flying and score a hat-trick in his first game.

Full report on tonight's games will be up in the morning. Any questions or comments should be sent to Enjoy your night.