Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Todd Bertuzzi

Nobody has been involved in more rumours this season than Todd Bertuzzi. Florida, LA and Anaheim have been teams apparently interested, but now you can add a pair of Canadian teams ot that list. According to sources, both Toronto and Montreal may be interested in the power forward. One rumour has Belfour going to Vancouver in exchange for Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is a UFA after this season, while Belfour has a club option for next year, which the Leafs are almost sure to decline. The salaries are similar, and Vancouver needs the goaltending help. At this point, if the Leafs can trade the veteran goalie, they should.

Montreal, who is looking for a scoring winger, has apparently made calls regarding Petr Sykora and Todd Bertuzzi. Souray is one player who the Habs are apparently shopping, while they also have a surplus of youth that could be dealt. Speaking of the Habs, former Hab Donald Audette will be announcing his retirement soon. He had been talking to Boston and Toronto about a possible contract, but both fell through.

Scott Gomez is being shopped by the Devils. Calgary, Phoenix and Tampa Bay are three teams I have heard rumoured. Speaking of Tampa Bay, Brad Richards could be had for a high price. The Lightning may not have to part with him afterall, thanks to a rising salary cap.

A few days ago I asked what everyone thought of Crosby being named an assistant captain. The responses were all very similar, saying it was the wrong move. My favourite response? - "Why not make him co-owner while they're at it".