Thursday, March 23, 2006

Belfour Done For Season / Big Night Tonight

Ed Belfour has been placed on the long term IR, meaning his season is over. Leaf fans have no problem with this, as Telly has been playing much better than Belfour since he's taken over. a

A few HUGE games tonight in the NHL. We'll start with our game of the night : Toronto @ Montreal. Toronto sits three points back of Montreal for 9th, and four points back of Atlanta for 8th. Montreal and Toronto both have a game in hand on Atlanta. What does this mean? Well a Toronto win, and an Atlanta loss, would put Toronto one point back of Montreal, and two points back on Atlanta. Toronto would also have a game in hand on Atlanta, needing an overtime loss or a win to move into the 8th and final playoff spot. Toronto and Montreal also play again on Saturday.

Two other games to watch tonight, the first being New Jersey @ Atlanta. New Jersey is struggling and sits just three points up on 9th place Montreal, while Atlanta sits just two points behind New Jersey for 7th in the East. An Atlanta win would put distance between them and the looser between Toronto and Montreal, as well as shoot them into a tie with New Jersey for 6th place. A New Jersey (and a Tampa Bay loss) would put distance between them and Atlanta, and the loser between Toronto and Montreal, as well as put them ahead of Tampa bay for the 6th spot in the East. Tampa plays host to Washington tonight.

Finally, Vancouver visits Edmonton, in a game that means a lot. Vancouver took the first of three in a row betweeen these two just two nights ago. These teams currently sit in 7th (Vancouver) and 8th (Edmonton). A Vancouver win would put them tied with Anaheim for 6th, while an Edmonton win would give them 7th spot in the East, pushing Vancouver down to 7th. If Edmonton looses tonight, and San Jose wins, then Edmonton would be pushed into 9th place, with San Jose taking 8th. That being said, San Jose is playing a very hot Detroit team tonight. The thing to remember : San Jose has two games in hand on Edmonton, and three games in hand on Vancouver. My Prediction : San Jose boots one of these teams out within the next week.

P.J. Axellson has signed a new three year deal in Boston. A lot of GM's were not so happy with this news, as a lot of them were hoping to sign him this summer. Thats all for now. for all questions and comments.