Monday, March 27, 2006


- Lidstrom is likely to re-sign a very large contract with Detroit before this season is over

- Same goes with Wade Redden.

- The Leafs have apparently already told Lindros that he will be back next season if he'll take somewhere between 500 000 - 1 million. Pat Quinn is likely to "step down", and Paul Maurice is the front runner to replace him. Early whispers from sources close to Leaf management say that they are going to go hard after Curtis Joseph and Patrick Elias in the offseason.

- Ottawa is likely to let Chara go, and will replace him with someone like Mitchell or Kubina. Leafs are also said to be after Kubina.

- If Vancouver misses the playoffs, Marc Crawford will be fired. If Vancouver does make the playoffs, but goes out before the Conference Finals, Todd Bertuzzi is likely to be dealt