Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Deadline...

Today could be a very important day in the world of the NHL. Mats Sundin apparently was given today as a deadline by the New York Rangers. I am also hearing that the NHLPA will confirm the CBA for 09/10 sometime this week. These two things together should mean that player movement should really amp up this week.

There are three major players to watch this week. One is Teemu Selanne, who we've been told will play this season. The Ducks need to a) move somebody or b) wait until the NHLPA approves the CBA for another season, and then move somebody between now and the start of the season. All signs point to Selanne being a Duck sometime this week.

Player #2 is Shanahan, who we are all being told will become a Ranger. If Mats joins the Rangers, this could change (the Devils still really like Shanahan). If Mats decides to join the Rangers, then Gomez is the odd man out. To me, why would they deal one of their top players who is signed long term, and replace him with a one-year guy who is 37 and may not play beyond this year. It makes no sense to me, and thus I do not believe it will happen. I will say this though, the prospects the Rangers could receive for Gomez would guarentee that they are a competitive team for hte next ten years. Vancouver would love a guy like Gomez, but then again, they'd love anyone who can put points on the board at this point.

Player #3 is Schneider, who if you've read the rumour mill was almost an Ottawa Senator last week. The Ducks need to move someone, and he's the easiest to move. The Ducks would also love to move Marchant, and still may before this is all said and done. I'm hearing the Sens are still in the Schneider sweeps, as are LA, Phoenix, New Jersey, and apparently Montreal.

The NHL player market has been on stand-still for the last 3 weeks thanks to the NHLPA holdup and of coarse Mats Sundin. This is the week things should start moving. Do not forget, there are still some good UFA's out there looking for homes...Mark Parrish, Glen Murray, and others are waiting patiently for their chance to sign.

This could be the week...