Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Waiting On McCabe

Well McCabe was suppose to be traded by 11 am this morning, and it's almost 2. Do not fear, I have been told that the deal is still on and nothing is going to keep it from happening. TSN is reporting it will be Van Ryn to Toronto for McCabe and a 3rd rounder. I am hearing that those details may not be correct, but I cannot speculate on what the deal is. Van Ryn and McCabe seem to be the two definites. We'll know soon.

Sundin returns to Toronto this week, and it seems he will come and go without telling us his intentions on next season. This is going to frustrate teams, and dominos will begin to fall without Sundin.

For the latest rumours, check the Rumour Mill. Today there will be rumours about Schneider and Shanahan going up, both who are being deeply affected by Sundin's refusal to sign and commit.

For all the latest check Hockeyleaks.com, as well as our forums. The McCabe deal will be on the main page of Hockeyleaks.com as soon as it's made official.