Monday, June 29, 2009

July 1 Approaches...

With UFA season just hours away, so much is still to be determined before then. For those looking for a Free Agent Preview, I will have something up later tonight or tomorrow regarding that. For now, we look at what could happen over the next 31 hours.

Dany Heatley will be traded before July 1st or not at all. He is owed $4 million dollars on July 1st, and if Heatley is still a Senator by noon on July 1st, it is extremely doubtful he will be moved. Still, the Rangers are making quite the last-minute push to bring in Heatley, but to this point, have not stepped up to the Rangers asking price which is said to include Marc Staal +.

The Sharks are still looking at dealing Patrick Marleau, but Nabokov is not on the market. Marleau will likely be dealt after all the early july fun is over.

Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson is still on the market, with Dallas and Toronto the two finalists. This really is a toss-up, with me personally thinking Dallas will win this. With that said, I'm hoping for Toronto.

The Sedins could very well be staying in Vancouver as Mike Gillis has flown to Sweden to give on final push. I still think they'll stay, but if they don't, watch Toronto, Montreal, Minnesota and the Islanders.

Phil Kessel is very much available, but some feel the Bruins will wait until the UFA's are snatched up and the return could be higher. With that said, the Bruins are right up against a cap and would struggle to match any offersheet of above $3.5 million, which is around the number it would cost to just qualify kessel.

As far as Kaberle goes, he will likely move in the next 10 days, with Boston, Anaheim, and Philly all having inquired about him over the last few days. Philly is interested despite acquiring Pronger, with Toronto willing to take back some salary from Philly if they can get the player they have their eye on.

As far as UFA #1 Jay Bouwmeester goes, sources tell that contract talks began with Bouwmeester today and the Flames are optimistic they can get him signed.

Keep your eye on as the free agent preview will up before you know it!