Monday, June 22, 2009

Team To Watch: Tampa Bay Lightning

So earlier tonight I read a tweet from Hockeybuzz blogger Jon Jordan (who will be featured in the first of two mock drafts, the first of which will be posted tomorrow) that the Lightning were not having a draft party, like they originally planned.

For those who are not aware, the Islanders are having a draft party and 10 000 + are expected to attend. When you have a chance at a guy like Hedman or Tavares, you have a draft party, so why is Tampa Bay avoiding this.

So curious, I ask Jon over twitter if this means that #2 pick is going elsewhere, and responds with..."or some other deal ... Hmm ... :) (bites tongue out of necessity)"

So loaded with that answer, I fire off an email to a good source of mine, and he responds with...

"I honestly believe Tampa will hold onto the second overall pick, but nothing is for sure. As far as the draft party being cancelled, whispers are that the team is simply avoiding a riot when the commish gets on stage and announces Lecavalier has been dealt, probably to the Canadiens, but there are at least three or four western teams showing interest as well"

We've heard rumours for months that Vinnie is on his way out, but after tonight I firmly believe Vincent Lecavalier has played his last game for the Tampa Bay Lightning. His no trade kicks in on July 1st, and I'd be surprised if he's still a member of the bolts beyond that.

Check tomorrow for our insider mock draft, where bloggers representing their own team will select the top twenty picks in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Then on Wednesday, I will post my mock draft of the entire first round and where i think 2009's top prospects will end up.