Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rumour Mill's In Overdrive

Here we go...

Vincent Lecavalier to Montreal talks have hit a stall this morning, and sources are telling me it's at about 25% he gets dealt.

Polling a list of ten sources last night: 70% Islanders take Hedman, 20% Tavares, 10% Duchene. Boy is that #1 pick going to be interesting.

The San Jose Sharks are expected to be this weekends busiest team. Clowe isn't expected to be a Shark beyond this weekend, with TSN confirming that both Toronto and Philly have shown interest. Clowe could be part of an even bigger deal, with the Sharks shopping both Marleau and Nabokov. Strong speculation that at least one of those two will be dealt this weekend.

The Sens continue to shop Heatley, and the St. Louis Blues are very in this. Who else is in this? The Boston Bruins. Kessel would be part of this deal 100%.

The Leafs are another team to watch, with Burke really attempting to move a roster player or two and a couple other mid-round picks for another first round pick. This could be used to move up or to pick two great prospects.

Jay Bouwmeester's rights will likely be dealt today or tomorrow, with the price being a third round pick. The Flyers, Canucks and Oilers are all pushing this, I see the final price being a 3rd and a 5th round pick.

Chris Pronger could very-well be on the move this weekend. Montreal is very in this, just like they were at the deadline.

Demitra came out and said that Gaborik had not purchased a house in Vancouver, but sources still believe Gaborik will be a Canuck should the Sedins not re-sign in Vancouver.

Another team to watch this weekend could be the Columbus Blue Jackets, who will be looking to move up in this year's draft. One source told me that management isn't confident they can re-sign Nash following this season, and would move him for a package that blew them away.

I am off to work shortly, and then off to Montreal for the draft early in the morning. Unfortunatly, my hotel in Montreal does not have an internet connection, so for all updates you have two sources:


I will be updating my twitter VERY often from the draft via my cell phone, so make sure to check that often.


I will be sending texts all day and night to a forum member who will be updating this post with all the latest news and rumours I acquire from the draft.

Make sure to stay glued to those two sources all day tomorrow as it's going to be one of the most exciting days the NHL has seen in a long, long time.