Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Molson Canadiens

According to RDS, the Molson Brothers have offically purchased the Habs from George Gillettee. Many believe that Habs negotiations with their players were on hold until the sale, so hopefully this speeds things up in Montreal.

Speaking of Montreal, six days until the draft. I will be attending, and am looking for someone to help out. Basically this person would recieve texts from me during the draft and would report the rumours and news I have from the forums. If you are interested please email me at

Expect two mock drafts this week. One from me, one from Hockeyleaks, Hockeybuzz and other other bloggers from around the league, each representing a team they specialize in.

It looks all but certain Brent Sutter will join his brother in Calgary as the new coach. Expect that announcement Monday or Tuesday.

As far as New Jersey goes, look for one of Hartley or Lemaire to get that job.

On the trade front, it still looks like Heatley will end up in San Jose, but it's far from other. Several western teams, including Colorado and Minnesota, have offers still to come.

The rumours of the Islanders taking Duchene first overall baffle me. Sure the kid is good, but he's no Tavares or Hedman. Let's hope for Islanders fans (yes, there are some!) that these rumours are false.

Finally, how about our friend Eklund's rumour about the Sedins rights going to NYI? I don't believe it, but if it did happen, what a turn around the Islanders could be in for. I still think the Sedins will stay in Vancouver...