Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bozak, Reimer recalled by Toronto

Toskala is out with an undisclosed injury. Reimer will back up Macdonald while Bozak will play tonight. Stahlberg will also return to the lineup.

I've heard Exelby will also be in the lineup. No news on who he, Bozak and Stahlberg will replace in the lineup.

I can tell you this: if Toronto fails to win tonight, Burke has one game in twelve days, and serious changes could be made. Burke understands that the Leafs do not have their top pick in next year's draft, and thus a losing season is unacceptable. I'm not sure how this can be turned around, but Burke will need to find a way.

In other NHL news, how about that Calgary/Chicago game last night? Nothing short of epic. The Flames are back in action tonight against the red-hot Blue Jackets.

Marion Gaborik is really leading the Rangers, and if this guy can stay healthy, just about everyone will be wrong with their pre-season predictions. Just about everyone(including us) had the Rangers missing the playoffs, but with the way they are playing, the Eastern Conference could easily be theres.

How long before teams like Colorado, LA, Phoenix and Tampa Bay fall back down to Earth? Not long for teams like Colorado and Phoenix, but I think LA and Tampa Bay could be the real deal.

Where are all the rumours? It's been slow, but expect the first (and hopefully start of a regular) rumour blog tomorrow or Thursday.

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