Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

I love the NHL because anyone can happen, anyone can win, and anyone can have a big night.

Who would have thought that Detroit would be 0-2 to start the season after a two-game series with the Blues? Who would have thought that Colorado, who just about everyone had picking Taylor Hall in next year's draft, would start the season 2-0 and Craig Anderson would be the league's best goalie after two games? Vancouver and Carolina are 0-2 on the season, with the of the league's best goalies struggling early after both of them signed monster contract extensions in the off-season. Even Montreal starting the season 2-0 is a little surprising, but both of those wins can be directly credited to Carey Price.

Things that are not surprising anyone? Pittsburgh, Washington, and Philly are all 2-0 and have looked great getting there. In the west, Calgary has looked just as good as we knew they would, with that defense being the most scary in the NHL. Nobody is surprised that Ovechkin leads the league in points with six, he's on pace for a MONSTER year. Speaking of Monster's, nobody should be surprised that at this point, it appears Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson will be replacing Toskala already.

My bad thought of the day? Whose idea was it to give us 15 great games yesterday, and give us nothing today? I know by midnight tonight I will be going through some serious hockey withdrawel.

Don't forget you can check for up-to-date standings and statistics, as well as who is winning the rookie race (James Van Riemsdyk is the early leader).

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Have a great rest of your weekend, hockey is back tomorrow!