Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rumour Mill for Oct. 15

- The Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to shake things up, and have two main area's they are focussing on.

#1 - Goaltending, and the big name I'm hearing is J.S. Giguere. The Leafs goaltending injuries could both be worse than we're hearing, and the Ducks are still very willing to move Giggy and his large contract.

#2 - A Centre, and rumour has it that Kaberle could be moved to get one. Kaberle is one of the players who is unhappy under Ron Wilson and may finally be willing to lift his no-trade.

Obviously the Leafs are short on cap space, but if Toskala is put on IR or waived (which is a big possibility at this point), that is all the space the team would need. Jason Blake isn't above being waived as well.

- Look for the Detroit Red Wings to look to make a move shortly. Their goaltending is very questionable at this point, and with no Hudler, Franzen or Hossa up front, this team is not the same offensive weapon it was a year ago. Word out of Detroit today is that Datsyuk will also miss some time with an injury.

- Minnesota's slow start isn't sitting well with management and talk is that Josh Harding could be moved in hopes of getting some more offsensive help.

- Another team to keep an eye on is the Boston Bruins, who have looked pretty awful thus far. Their closeness to the cap will limit what they can do, but changes could be coming their if things don't improve. Their defense appears to be the most likely candidate for an upgrade, as their goaltending really can't be touched.