Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Brunnstrum down to four teams (E5+I)

For those who havent heard the news, Eklund's "E" system now has an I in it, with the I standing for Imminent...now you know...

Anyways, Fabian Brunnstrum is down to four teams: Detroit, Dallas, Montreal and Toronto. He will call his agent JP Barry tomorrow and either make his decision, or cut the teams down to two. Don't you worry, Hockeyleaks.com will be all over that decision. At this point, it's hard to say who he will end up. Toronto has the lineup space for him, and has several Sweedes on the team that would make Fabian feel at home. Detroit has the swedes and a presidents trophy, but they don't have the top six room for him, which appears to be the most important. Montreal doesn't really have the room, or a large cast of swedes. This leaves Dallas, who I think may have the top spot in this race. I could see the kid fitting into Dallas' top six. If I had to make a guess, and this is all this is, no insight on this whatsoever, I'd put the order as Dallas, Toronto, Detroit and Montreal...maybe we'll know who wins tomorrow. I will say this, the Leafs have done all they could to get this guy. They've promised him a chance to play, they've had Salming talk to him, they've travelled to Sweden a few times to meet with him, and Fletcher has met face-to-face with his agent. I really believe this kid could be the first of many good steps taken by Toronto to fix the mess it's currently in. The next step comes at the draft with that 7th overall pick (Still feeling they take Filatov with that pick).

Great Canada vs. USA game today, how great is it that TSN is covering these games online? This should be a great world championship. Is anyone else wondering where Dany Heatley's amazing play was for Ottawa?

I know a lot of you would love for me to talk about rumours like our friend Eklund, but seriously, you can't start rumour talk this early! Accordign to the big E (not Eric Lindros), Demitra is going to Vancouver, Liles is going to Vancouver, and Streit is going to NYR. Write those down, none will happen....

You can blame our friends at NBC for the playoffs not starting to Thursday. Question of the day : How mean is the NHL? You give us the best game of the season (aka San Jose vs. Dallas - game six), and then you make us wait for what seems like forever for another puck drop...oh well, I can't wait for this third round, should be a couple of great series'