Friday, May 30, 2008

Coaching Roundup + Fantasy News

First of all, props to Eklund. The guy called Ron Wilson talking to the Leafs this morning, before anyone picked it up. Now the major media is featuring this story, nice to see Eklund get one right for once...

Some don't realise the amount of abuse bloggers like myself and eklund recieve on a daily basis for our rumours. We reports what we hear (or in Eklund's case, make up), and usually it doesn't happen. That's not because we didnt hear it, or it wasnt in the works, it just didnt finalize like it was suppose to. When I reported a few weeks ago that Barry Melrose was set to become the next coach of Tampa, I got many emails bashing myself and the site, saying that Tampa had a coach, and if they were to replace their current one, Melrose didnt have a shot. It's nice when something people bash you for happens, makes this all worth my time :)

The fantasy league for 08-09 is taking sign ups currently. We have about half of the spots left, with about 15 already filled. Make sure you get in on this ASAP, as it's going to be a lot of fun. Remember, the draft is random order, so even if your the last to sign up, you still have an equal shot at the number one pick (who I predict will be Detroit...). for more information, make sure to email me asap to secure your spot in the league!