Friday, May 23, 2008

The Finals

Well, I've had a decent post-season as far as picking winners goes, so lets try to end things on a high note.

Pittsburgh and Detroit have both had great post-seasons. Pittsburgh was always my pick to win the East, while I figured San Jose would have been in the final for the West. Even so, the Red Wings have proven all doubters wrong, and have easily won three series. Will Pittsburgh be their greatest challenge? The Red Wings have yet to face an offense as strong as Pittsburgh's, and it will be interesting to see if Chris Osgood can continue to put up Conn Smyth numbers against what I feel is the best offense in the NHL. On the other side, Pittsburgh has never faced a defense like the one Detroit possesses.

Both teams are determined to win this series, and it really could go either way. Fleury and Osgood are the two biggest question marks in this series, and their play will determine the winner of this series. My heart tells me Pittsburgh will win, but my brain is telling me that defense wins championships, and there is no defense better than Detroit's.

Detroit in 6