Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools!

So I can't take the guilt anymore and I'm giving in. I've received close to 20 emails over the last 10 hours saying thanks for the good times and wishing me luck in my future.

Yes: I will be going to the Hockey News in 2010, but in no way does that mean is close to the end. is not going anywhere, in fact, we are set to improve even further.

Heading to July 1st, we hope to make many improvements on the site. I want to integrate social networking into Hockeyleaks, with more use of Twitter and similar applications to make sure you are all up to date on everything hockey.

We also plan on heading to the draft this year to cover the event live, with live updates and hopefully interviews with some great hockey people.

Finally, July 1st will be done bigger than ever before, bigger than any draft, deadline or July 1st we've ever done in the past.

Thanks for all your well wishes, but I'm pleased to say that is not going anywhere and will be here for years to come.

Happy April Fools everyone, have a great day.

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