Monday, April 20, 2009

How about those Ducks?

The Anaheim Ducks may have been this year's trade deadline winners (which I will actually take a look at in a future blog, likely following the first round).

Rumours surrounded this team, with the likes of Marchant, Pronger, Niedermayer and Giguere all apparently available for the right price.

The deadline passed, all four remained Ducks, and the Ducks have barely lost a game since. The team, seeded #8, leads top seeded San Jose two games to none, and looks to have a strangle-hold on the series as they head back to the Honda Centre for games three and four.

Niedermayer and Pronger have been 1a and 1b as far as defensemen in this year's playoffs go. Both have looked like they're in their prime, and they very well could be.

Marchant is the biggest surprise, as he's playing over 20-minutes a night and playing a role nobody could have seen him playing at the deadline.

Giguere, while being on the bench, is offering support and is breathing down Hiller's neck should he faulter. Just his presence is making Jonas Hiller a better goalie, and how good has he been.

San Jose still has a chance, but these Ducks will be tough for anyone to beat. A Detroit/San Jose second round match-up looks likely, and how much fun would that be. You know Detroit is still upset about a couple years ago, what a series to look forward to.

As for tonight's games, Montreal and Boston are currently tied at 1-1, while Washington has a 2-0 lead over NYR. If you follow on twitter (Hockeyleaks), you would know predicted Washington, Montreal and Calgary wins tonight.

Stay tuned to this blog, and the Hockeyleaks twitter for all the latest