Friday, April 17, 2009

Douggy R, Burke's Quest, and more!

Hello everybody!

As you all know by now, Doug Risebrough was let go by the Minnesota Wild. Do not expect this guy to be out of work long.

Sources tell that both Edmonton and Atlanta are very interested in Risebrough. Both teams have failed to make expectations over the past few years and change is needed. Risebrough is one of the top GMs in the league and he could do wonders for both of these teams. Risebrough however is expected to wait to see which first-round playoff failures will make management changes following their eliminations.

How about Brian Burke's quest for Johnny T? The rumoured deals are as follows.

Toronto would move their first round pick (7th overall), both their 2nd round picks, and one unnamed prospect for Tampa Bay's 2nd overall pick and some salary. What could that salary be? Ryan Malone and Vaclav Prospal are two guys Tampa wants to dump.

As for the current games, do not be surprised if Anaheim upsets San Jose. These Ducks are on a mission and have the experience to do some damage in this years playoffs. Scott Niedermayer showed just how great he still can be last night.

Tough loss for the Habs last night. A first-round exit during this centennial would certainly mean big changes in Montreal. How safe is Gainey? With a guy like Risebrough (who remember, the Leafs had on their short list, along with Burke, Regier and Holland), you have to wonder if a team like Montreal would dump their current GM for Risebrough.

Big game for Carolina tonight, if they fall 2-0 to New Jersey they likely would not be able to climb out of that hole.

Most excited for Vancouver/St. Louis tonight, as this series has potential to be the best one in the opening round. Game one was good, but this series still has a lot of room to get a lot better.

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