Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tavares at Number Three?

The Redline Report released today has just about everyone baffled. While Hedman going to #1 was something that had been talked about over the past 12 months, the fact that Matt Duchene is now ranked #2 is just baffling.

Tavares has been "the prospect" for the past few years, and I still believe he will be selected at number one. While this will likely do nothing to lower Tavares' value, this should help the values of Hedman and Duchene.

Hedman has been questioned a lot over the last few months, and many have questioned whether he's the prospect we originally thought he was. This kid still has a super-star future ahead of him, and just because of his less-than-stellar performance at the world juniors, there is still no reason to think this kid won't be a top d-man in this league.

The interesting thing is Duchene, who is projected by most to go #3 to Colorado. What a great player this kid could be for the Avs, who need a top centre to replace Sakic, who has another year left in his career tops.

This is the deepest draft I can remember, and for any team to move into the top-three will be a challenge. It can be done, and it will be attempted, which just further makes this years draft the most anticipated in recent years. The fact that it's in Montreal, with them looking to respond from a soon-to-be first round exit, is another reason to book a trip to Montreal on June 26.


How about tonight's games? The Penguins showed the NHL that they are still a top team in the NHL, while the Hurricanes watched a three goal lead disappear before winning the game with 0.2 seconds left. Finally, Detroit ruined Columbus' home playoff debut by giving them a thrashing.

As for the ones still remaining, the Blues have battled back from 0-2 to tie the game, though the Blues should be up 3-2 after the refs made an awful call.

The game of the night, however, will be San Jose/Anaheim, as it's a must-win for the conference winning Sharks. These Ducks look tough, and could put this series out of reach with a win today.


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