Friday, February 16, 2007

More On Tonight

First off I have to say sorry for being slowish on the Forsberg thing, though I'm still hearing we beat a few people. My favourite band of all time, Silverchair, is in toronto and played a show tonight and they are playing another one tomorrow. Obviously, I had to go to both, and was driving to the show tonight when I got a call at about 6:45 saying that Forsberg was dealt to Nashville but no names were available yet. No computer near me, and because I am the only one who can update the site at the current time there really was nothing I could do. I finally got a hold of a friend and I gave him my blog log in so he could at least post the deal on the internet. So you know, I have no concerts booked for the 27th, so no worries!

Forsberg to Nashville has long been rumoured and I wasn't surprised this went down at all. I think it's good that Nashville held on to Radulov, but I still think they paid too much. If Nashville wins the cup, then it was worth it, but if they don't it wasn't. Two promising young players plus two draft picks (not good ones considering Nashville is looking at 25th or higher in the raft), it just seems like a lot for a big question mark like Forsberg.

Buffalo lost two key players tonight to injuries and I'm hearing talks with Buffalo about Bertuzzi and Roberts have really started to heat up. I heard a deal that would send Kotalik, Biron and a third rounder for Roberts, Belfour and Bertuzzi, but first of all Biron would have to sign in Florida which is doubtful, and second I don't really see that deal happening, but Buffalo is in this. Toronto would love Roberts and Bertuzzi but I have no idea what they are offering. If I had to make a guess I'd say Leafs will get at least one of Roberts, Bertuzzi or Guerin before this is all said and done. Maybe add Modin to that list.

Ottawa would love Roberts, I heard Patrick Eaves for Gary Roberts, straight up.

Thats all for now, I have added some rumours now and I will add a few more before I head back downtown tomorrow afternoon around 1 PM...I expect Forsberg to the be the first of many dominos about to fall...