Friday, February 23, 2007

Afternoon Update / Deadline News

Note: blog emails are getting sent out to different people at different times. Some of you are getting them right away, some of you are getting them a few hours later. Hopefully this gets resolved, the best thing to do is to check the forums often as thats where the latest information is first. Also, I know Tverdovsky plays for LA, I dont know why I said carolina...

Eklund is currently reporting that the Islanders are currently one of the two teams in the Bill Guerin race. Obviously more teams can enter this as time goes on, but at this point NYI seems to be in the lead.

Toronto is really burning up the phones today looking for a scoring winger, they feel that is there one missing piece and the lack of one has really hurt them lately, especially in the shootout and overtime.

Make sure to be in the chat all day Tuesday as we will have at least one or two staff members in the room at all times. Obviously the amount I speak in the room will depend on how busy things are, but I'll be in there the majority of the day. Remember, our deadline coverage will span from 9 am till around 5 pm on Tuesday, so be here!

Lots of blogs today, but thats just how things are with all this action...check and the forums for all the latest