Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saku Koivu On The Move?

I am hearing this morning that two teams (Anaheim and Minnesota) are really trying hard to pick up Saku Koivu. Anaheim's Burke is refusing to make a deal for a rental currently because the price is too high, but would deal some of his young prospects if he could get his hands on Koivu. Minnesota is in a very similar position, and would like to re-unite the Koivu brothers as members of the Wild. While Montreal is doubtful to move Koivu, I can confirm they are getting pressured pretty hard by these two teams.

Speaking of Montreal, Souray is looking like a lock to move. San Jose leads the race, while Edmonton is in this as well. Anaheim is another team who is starting to ask questions (I wonder what Montreal could get for both Koivu and Souray?).

With Carolina now facing some injury problems, and they're playoff hopes fading away, you have to think they are getting ready to make a serious move. I still think they'll land one St. Louis' big two.

For more rumours check out the rumour mill, it had quite the update today!

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