Tuesday, February 20, 2007

7 Days...

In 7 days, players will be forced to pack up their bags and head to a new city. The lucky ones will leave a bad team for a very good one, the unlucky ones will leave a team headed for the playoffs and land on a team headed for the golf-course. Within the next seven days, a deal or two will go down, with the bulk happening on the 27th.

Guerin seems to be the next "big" player to go. After him, the dominos will continue to fall. Biron is the top goalie on the market, while names like Toskala, Gerber, Giguere, Theodore, Lalime, Khabibulin and Belfour continue to float around. None of the top western teams need a goalie, while several Eastern teams do. Montreal sure does, but like the Oilers, we're not sure if they are buyers and sellers. If both sell, names like Souray, Sykora, Smyth, Rivet, Samsonov, and yes, I've heard Koivu (hello Anaheim?) could be on the move. What happens in the next seven days will tell a lot...

I'm very excited for what should be an exciting day. I know here at hockeyleaks we will all be set up in a room (probably about six of us?), with several laptops, phones, tv's, radios and many other forms of communication ready to go to break the deals as they happen. We'll be in the chat all day long to break deals and discuss them, and if your a member of the forums you'll be even luckier as you'll get some deals even quicker and more of a chance to discuss them. I hope you will all tune into Hockeyleaks.com. Coverage starts at 9 am on the 27th, be here!

Souray to San Jose is really heating up this hour, I'm hearing this could go down today, but that it could also drag on through the next week. San Jose really wants to bolster their blueline and this is the best way to do it. Montreal may want a goalie in return, as they seem thin on them these days.

I'm just about to go onto Blueline now to record a segment for this weeks show. It will be posted on hockeyleaks.com as soon as I have it available, probably as soon as tomorrow morning. Seven more days, I can't wait.