Monday, February 26, 2007

Here We Go!...Tucker, Roberts, and WAIVER MADNESS

It's Madness we are about 24 hours till the trade deadline.

Darcy Tucker is apparently very close to a signing a new deal worth three million per season, the only thing we don't know is the years. I am hearing it may be four years, but three is also possible. This should put to rest any Darcy Tucker trade rumours, but they have been dead for several weeks anyways.

Gary Roberts has been traded, but the question is "will he waive his NTC?"...the deal is not to Ottawa or Toronto which why he may veto the deal. I'm hearing that team is Pittsburgh, though can't confirm that yet.

According to our friends at Hockeybuzz, the following players have been placed on waivers: Brian Boucher, Bryan Berard, Michael Leighton, Denis Hamel, Jason Krog, Marc Chouinard, Aaron Downey, and Petr Cajanek. Rumour also has Nikko Kapanen on waivers as well.

There are some big names there, I beleive several of those (Berard, Boucher, Kapanen) will go by noon tomorrow.

Bill Guerin could very well be traded today. Detroit, Anaheim, Ottawa and San Jose seem to very in this, while I wouldn't count Detroit out either.

Leafs still have serious interest in Milan Hejduk.

Islanders are looking at another Av, Svatos.

Oilers and Smyth will meet today, if no deal is reached I believe he will be traded tomorrow.

If the Flyers could sign Biron long-term (good luck), there is a possibility there could be a Biron for Pikanen deal.

Very Very busy in the NHL, check the forums, blog and for all the latest, we'll be here with you all day. for your questions and comments