Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Doan Re-Signed, Rumour Update

Sportsnet and a few other outlets are still saying it's not done yet, but I can confirm that Shane Doan has re-signed in Phoenix. It's a five year deal worth 23 million dollars. I think it's a little much, but Phoenix had little choice if they wanted to keep him in Phoenix for any amount of time.

Forsberg to Nashville still seems most likely, with Radulov being the key player going the other way. Anaheim is still in this as well, with Bobby Ryan being used as the bait. Vancouver seems very much out of this, as they won't deal bourdon (at this point, I'm hearing that could change as we progress forward), and they just don't have the cap room. San Jose continues to pop up but I really can't see them taking him, they already have one of the most deadly one-two centre punches in the league. Don't count out the Rangers and Wings, while Toronto is still sniffing in this one as well.

Speaking of Toronto, they have company as far as Bertuzzi and Roberts are concerned. I'm hearing Buffalo is very much in this, and may have interest in Belfour as well. They have Biron to offer in return.

Montreal is really working the phones right now, hoping to get something to improve their struggling team. A loss to New Jersey tonight could be what forces the trigger to get pulled, especially now with Kovalev hurt. for all questions and comments. Make sure to check out for all the latest, and to check out our new videos section! The forums are also really a great place to talk hockey, we've had 63 new members in the last three days, keep it up! More if something breaks...