Friday, January 11, 2008

Here We Go Toronto

It has begun Toronto. After last nights terrible loss to the LA Kings, changes are finally happening in Toronto. First, the team has claimed forward Domiminic Moore off of waivers. Moore has 3 points in 30 games, so this move really doesn't make any sense to me...but we will see if there is something to follow this. Move #2 is the calling up of Jusin Pogge...does this mean Raycroft is on his way out, or are the Leafs simply going to give the kid a chance to show what he can do. I hardly believe they are going to play Pogge over Toskala, as Toskala is just back from injury and hasn't had a team in front of him since to show that he is a capable #1 goalie, something he was really showing before he got hurt against Montreal last month. Today is an interesting one in Toronto, it should be fun to watch. That being said, I wouldn't expect the Leafs to pull the trigger on a trade until they return home from California.

Curtis Joseph will play in the NHL this season, either for Calgary or San crazy is that? You would have thought his final two would involve Pittsburgh, LA or Tampa, not two teams that have All-Star goalies, but in fact, this is the case. That being said, good for Curtis, I hope he gets a good chance to win a cup this season.

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