Monday, January 14, 2008

The Latest On The Leafs...again

I feel like a broken record talking about Toronto, but they really are the big story right now. Here is the latest...

Cliff Fletcher has been approached about taking over the GM duties on an interm basis. Fletcher has not commented on this, but talk around the league has him not wanting the job on an interm basis. The Leafs are searching for an interm GM, not a replacement.

The Leafs are looking at four people in the offseason: Brian Burke, Jim Rutherford, Scotty Bowman and Ken Holland. Three of the four will be difficult and could cost the Leafs a lot of cash (not important) and possibly draft picks. Bowman is the odd man out, who wouldn't cost the Leafs like the others would, but also wouldn't bring in the same experience (remember bowman has most of his success as a coach, while the others have built Cup Champs as GMs).

There are some other names being thrown around as far as interm GMs go, such as Doug Armstrong, Glen Healey and Colin Campbell, but these three are unlikely. Doug Gilmour is a name i'd keep an eye on, as he may not be the best candidate, but he may put enough of a PR spin on this to get the Leafs through the regular season and into what could be the most important off-season the Leafs have had in a very long time.

Speaking of PR spins, Scott Bowman has been doing a lot of PR work this week. First, he comes on HNIC and says how he wanted the Leafs job and was turned down. Then he goes to Detroit and tells their papers that he's not leaving Detroit, which is telling Toronto that "they can't have me". Bowman wants the Leaf's job, he's doing all this publicity for a reason. If he's offered the GM job tomorrow, I think he takes it.

Fletcher, Bowman, Gilmour, Armstrong, Healey, Holland, Burke, Rutherford. The list is very long, hopefully we learn more sooner rather than later so we can all focus back on the trade front and not the front office. The trade deadline is 43 days away, things around the league are just about to heat up.