Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jokinen Trade Watch : Year Three

As Hockeyleaks heads into our third deadline, Olli Jokinen will once again be on our trade watch. Every year I've heard strong rumours of the Fin being traded, and this year is no different.

I heard Buffalo had a strong interest last week, though Floria's asking price was too high for the Sabres at this point. Enter Minnesota, who apparently is more than willing to pay the price. These are the first two teams to show serious interest in the forward, but they won't be the last two. If Jokinen is in fact on the market, up to ten teams will have serious interest in him. He's attractive because he's not just a rental, but a player you can build around for the next several years. A team like Phoenix or Nashville would love to get this guy.

I've been told that Cliff Fletcher is going to use the home and home with Washington as a real judging factor. He'll then sit back over the all-star break, and could start making moves as of next week. I know he said two weeks, but do not be surprised if he starts swinging deals earlier. I think we're all expecting to see Raycroft hit waivers at one point or the other...though with that said, I've heard that the Leafs may package him with another player to get him out of the organization and out of their hands.

So far, so good for Forsberg. Philly still leads the way, with Colorado and Detroit still very in this.