Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Its That Time Of Year

First of all, I want to say thank you to all our Hockeyleaks readers. December was a tough month for us here, and we had dipped to around 5000 hits per day. I've worked really hard the last two weeks to keep the site updated and keep you all informed, and today I can say we're back up to over 30 000 hits per day, which makes me happy. Those numbers will only go up as the trade deadline approaches.

The more people I talk to today, the more I strongly believe that Marian Hossa will not be a Thrasher after the Feb. 26 deadline. Yes, the Thrashers are currently in the playoffs, but they also know how valuable Hossa is. Hossa does not plan on staying with the Thrashers beyond this season, and the Thrashers know this. Detroit is very interested in him, and is way ahead of the rest right now. Pittsburgh and San Jose also both have moderate interest at this point.

A source in Buffalo tells me that the Sabres have strong interest in bringing back JP Dumont back, longterm. This is a guy they really never wanted to lose, and now that they have the cap room, they are very interested in bringing him back.

All quiet on the Leafs' front today, what a difference a win makes. The fans chanted "fire ferguson" last night, despite the fact that the Leafs led for most of the game. The fans want change, the media wants change, and this isn't a situation that is going to go away after one win. With that said, no news on Fletcher is bad news, as today is a firm deadline on him coming in as interm GM from what I understand.

Cory Wilkins and Adam Forsyth both have great new articles up on, please check them out. We are really trying to have more articles for you guys to read, so if you are interested in writing for us, drop me an email at Also, the fantasy section has been updated so check that out. It will be updated every Wednesday from now on. I'm still looking for a weekly power rankings writer...if interested please email me!

Thats all for now, more later if something breaks. For the latest check the forums