Sunday, January 20, 2008

These Are Crazy Times

There are crazy rumours flying around right now.

First, the Ottawa Sun reports that Dallas could deal Marty Turco to Tampa for Martin St. Louis. This is very interesting, as Mike Smith has played very well for Dallas this season, while St. Louis is really starting to pick up. Tampa Bay is already looking at next season, and they know that they need a goalie to compete.

JFJ is still said to be gone by the end of the week, with Cliff Fletcher likely to replace him. Sundin apparently wants to go to Vancouver if he had his choice, however, the Leafs asking price would likely include Edler, a player Vancouver does not want to give up. Look for Kesler to be part of the that deal. Calgary and Anaheim are two teams also strongly interested in Mats.

The Tanguay for Ryder rumours are still very strong, and Ive heard from several sources that both are expected to be moved by the deadline. It's interesting that these two teams are looking to trade two of their biggest stars despite the success both teams are having.

The Kings are shopping Blake, Modry, Stuart and Nagy. We all know how much defenseman are worth in the NHL, meaning the Kings are in great position. The Kings are one of the best teams in the NHL five years from now.

And finally, I'm getting a little sick of the way a division winner gets automatic top three. Currently we have Carolina and Atlanta battling it out for third, while the loser gets 10th. Whoever finishes 9th this year is not going to be happy.

Please send me your emails with questions about trades, the NHL or the site in general. I really want to get a mail bag feature started. Also, if anyone is interested in writing weekly power rankings, we're still looking for someone.

Enjoy your Sunday, and the early NHL games...oh ya, there's some good football on two...enjoy your super sunday!