Tuesday, July 01, 2008

UFA Day Chat - 12 PM EST

One hour and five minutes, I will be in the chat for a couple of hours, probably until around 3 pm. I expect more earlier in the day signings this year, unlike last year...so quick rumours for you.

Leafs are front runners for Sean Avery. They've apparently offered him 4 years, 16 million, as have Vancouver and Chicago. The Rangers are still currently offering 4 years, 12 million. Rangers may make one last attempt to keep him, but for now I see him going to Toronto.

Demitra to Vancouver is all but done I've been told, but anything can and will happen after noon est. If he doesn't end up in Vancouver, I've been told Columbus and Chicago are teams to watch. Don't count out Colorado either.

I still believe Brian Campbell will end up in Ottawa. With the losses of Chara and Redden in the last few years, this is Ottawa's big chance to rebound and pick up a quality blueliner.

Speaking of Redden, Florida is where I think he will end up.

Morrison is VERY likely to Columbus I've been told, they may make Naslund an offer as well, though if Naslund is leaving Vancouver I see him going to a for-sure contender. Maybe try out the Eastern Conference...

Speaking of the East, Montreal and Boston are two teams to watch for Hossa. I still think Boston is too good a fit for him to pass up, we'll know by the end of the day.

Expect New Jersey to be aggressive today. Brodeur is getting up there, and the start of last season showed that they did have several weaknesses. I expect them to address a lot of issues this week, by adding offense, defense and some goaltending insurance.

Vrbata to Buffalo is very possible, the Sabres absolutly love this guy...

All rumours and happenings will be posted on the forums, and possibly the blog, as well as the chat, so make sure you are checking all three very often today.

Today is going to be fun, I look forward to chatting with all of you. Hockeyleaks.com/chat.html is where I will be at Noon EST.