Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Buzz (hehe) on Who's Left - AVERY SIGNED

Sean Avery To Dallas Done deal, ignore what I wrote below about him...

Haha, I'm totally expecting a lawsuit for using the word buzz..


Sundin - Best name still available. I'm hearing there is no way he takes Vancouver's offer. Sundin is a modest guy, and honestly doesn't want the pressure of being the highest paid player in the league. He also doesn't want the pressure of a two year deal. With Detroit out of it, I am hearing it's down to two: Toronto and Montreal. I wouldn't be at all shocked if Sundin returns to Toronto. Final team to watch in Sundin race, SUNDIN. If Sakic decides against a return, Sundin could be on Colorado's radar.

Avery - Dallas leads this one, though Calgary Ive been told is also showing quite a bit of interest. The Rangers could up their offer should they miss out on Sundin and Jagr.

Jagr - With Hossa offically gone, expect the Penguins to really pick up the slack and make Jagr an offer. The Oilers really like Jagr and have made him a fair offer. The Rangers are still the favourite if he decides to stay in North America.

Orpik - I'm hearing Montreal leads this one, but I expect Ottawa to really up their game today. Brian Murray is really frustrated he missed out on a few guys he really wanted yesterday. Orpik could land in Atlanta as well, while the Pens still want him back.

Demitra - Vancouver still wants him, but he hinges on Sundin. If Sundin signs somewhere other than Toronto, I've heard Demitra could go to Toronto on a one-year deal. The Devils really like this guy as well.

Naslund - Back to Vancouver is likely, but he's waiting to see who will be centering him. Colorado is a team that I've heard as well. Either way, expect Naslund to either sign with the Canucks, or a team where he has a legitimate chance at a cup.

Forsberg - Colorado or retire was what we've been hearing all year, but thats not necessarily the case. Teams that miss out on Sundin may have a shot at this guy. So we're talking the Canucks (with Naslund, Ohlund, and the Sedins?...I've even heard the Canucks want Naslund, Sundin AND Forsberg), Rangers, Habs and Leafs.

Hainsey - Very underrated, Atlanta's going to make this kid a serious offer if they can't land someone very soon.